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‘Rock Heaven’

‘the after party’ the original artwork is on the easel. Created last year, its A1 size, pen and watercolour, on 300gsm Aquarelle. I’m holding an A1 size fine art giclee print which looks and feels virtually identical other than the giclee has an extra 25mm border. Stunning quality.

Happy Birthday Ozzy

“Ozzy” Osbourne is actually 75 today !! You might well ask how did he make it so far ?? After reading his autobiography at the start of the year i have no idea how he is still alive!! Crazy party animal rocker….love him, Congratulations old chap The publisher in the USA commissioned me to create… [Read More]

68 !!

With a Rebel Yell I shout Happy 68th birthday to Billy Idol. I’ll be in my studio Dancing With Myself! I’ll dig out my old vinyl… solo Billy and Generation X. As he was, and still is, one of the original punks! I grew up listening to him so I had to include him in… [Read More]


Remembering my favourite Beatle today…..the wonderfully talented George Harrison 25 February 1943 – 29 November 2001. He wrote so many beautiful songs but I think my favourite is ‘Give me love (give me peace on Earth)’. It’s a message I believe we should all listen to. What’s your favourite George song?

Fleetwood Mac in Wonderland

Thought i would create a mash up of Fleetwood Mac and Alice in Wonderland. Always imagined Mick as the Mad Hatter. I like a lot of Peter Greens stuff too, so he is obviously he is the caterpillar. Stevie is Alice, Lyndsey is the Knave, Christine is the Queen of Hearts and John is the… [Read More]

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