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I have recently collaborated with Quarto Publishing US to have my work ‘Heroes – a party of Bowies’ included as a gatefold double page in Bowie@75, a unique and beautifully produced celebration of the iconic and beloved rock star (Published 6th Sept 2022).

In Bowie at 75, veteran rock journalist Martin Popoff examines David Bowie’s extraordinary life through the lens of 75 significant career achievements and life events, guiding you through all 27 studio albums, as well as a curated selection of earworm singles.  This incredible package also includes a gatefold timeline and a gatefold painting depicting “A Party of Bowies”

I have since had ‘Rocketman – a party of Eltons’ included in Elton @75.

Few rock artists continue to gather more and more adulation with age. Sir Elton Hercules John is an exception who proves the rule. In Elton John at 75, veteran rock journalist Gillian Gaar presents a unique and beautifully produced celebration of the iconic and beloved rock star.  Every page is illustrated with stunning concert and candid offstage photography, including gig posters, 7-inch picture sleeves, and more. This incredible package also includes a gatefold Elton John timeline, a previously unpublished gatefold artwork (JakeArt1), an 8×10-inch glossy print, and a pullout poster.

I have also just completed the commission of ‘A party of Ozzy’ for the upcoming Ozzy@75.

Now in my 10th year as JakeArt1 I am still attempting to create new and original ideas.

I work mainly with graphite and then enhance with pen and watercolours.

Half of my time i spend creating and collaborating with customers on their commissions, the other half i am sketching my own visions.

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I have sketched, drawn and painted things for as long as i can remember. Its been the one continuous life long hobby for me…..and now its my day job.

Growing up on the outskirts of London i was lucky that i could jump on a train and get into the centre to visit all of the galleries and museums quite frequently. I spent many afternoons sketching sculptures and famous works of art.

Formal Art study ended for me after A levels (6th form) i didn’t feel engaged for some reason. I had won the school art competition and i guess i must have felt like i had reached my zenith ! Other things then filled my life but i always loved everything that is art.

I love many different genres of music, literature, films, nature and of course Art in all of its forms. What i most admire is how much effort all of the people involved have expended trying to create something different. Some have given their whole lives at great personal expense in the pursuit for something new.

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